The Energy Museum is located in beautiful nature at the Tange Power Plant ad Lake Tange. Put on your walking boots and take a walk along the old towpath where barges where pulled to Silkeborg by men or horses. Or take a walk at Lake Tange or in the plantation along the lake.

Rent a canoe and cross the lake or follow the river.

Bird life

All year round you can explore many different types of birds at Lake Tange. A population of great crested grebes breed in the lake. And you may watch tufted ducks, teals, sheldrakes and goosanders. In spring and winter you can meet the kingfisher, and during winter the water ouzel fishes at the power plant. Swans and herons are around almost every day and many birds rest on the lake. Thousands of seagulls stay at the lake during the night, and each year several fish hawks prey at the lake. In the plantation and the swampy areas between the museum and the dam numerous small birds breed. Every year in May you can listen to the nightingale mornings and evenings.

Mammals and fish

Many small and big mammals live in the area from squirrels to red deer. During the last years the otter has started breeding at Lake Tange. Many different species of fish pass through the fish ladder and Lake Tange: trout, salmon, pike, lavaret, eel, zander, and perch. In summertime the small eels pass a special eel passage in order to get to the lake from the river.

Fish ladder

The fish pass the power plant by swimming up and down the fish ladder. Big fish like trout and salmons swim upwards and a scanner register the size of each fish and at a display visitor can see the actual numbers. Small fish pass the fall via a special tunnel made for the fry.

The towpath

During the 18th and 19th century the river Gudenaa was the most important way of transportation from Randers to Silkeborg.

Several times during the week the barges left Randers or Silkeborg with goods and merchandise for the two cities. From Randers the barges left for the paper mill in Silkeborg pulled by horses or men.

It is possible to walk along the towpath from Silkeborg to Randers.

The barge

The open barge next to the river is the last barge that sailed on the river Gudenaa. The barge was built in Tvilum at the beginning of 1900, and it was originally used for transportation of goods between Randers and Silkeborg.